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My Pet Sitting Experiences With Dog Food


How do you choose dog food suppliers? Your dogs are probably very dear to you and you would want nothing but to keep them happy and satisfied.

Our dogs are intelligent, sociable animals and are part of our families and our lives.


Likewise, our dogs deserve nothing but the very best dog food to keep them happy and healthy. A healthy dog requires fewer veterinary visits and have stronger, shinier coats of fur. They will also shed less and have better teeth, eyes, and claws.

So how do you make sure that you are buying from a good dog food supplier? Your dog food supplier should exhibit the following traits in order for you to have the best dog food for your pet.

1. All natural ingredients — Your dog food supplier should list all-natural ingredients in their pet food. Whether you are buying kibble or wet food, dog food should be made of natural ingredients and should be free of chemical fillers and the like.

2. Uses high quality protein — Your dog needs his or her protein so your dog food supplier should add only high quality protein to its pet food, whether it is dry or wet. Dog food should protein should come from ingredients such as chicken, tuna, salmon, turkey, or duck.

3. Free of preservatives and unhealthy fillers — Dog food suppliers often add a lot of chemical preservatives into their dog food. Good quality dog food has fewer preservatives or none at all, and do not include unhealthy fillers such as flour and grain. Egg is a good, natural filler that will add body to your pet food without adding any nasty preservatives.

3. Grain-free — Dog food should be grain free because grain is a major allergen. It is also unhealthy because a lot of dogs have a hard time digesting grain, which only leads to digestive problems in your animals.

4. Properly formulated for nutrition — The best dog food suppliers formulate their dog food depending on the dog’s size and age. Puppies have a different nutritional profile than adult dogs, and large breeds such as mastiffs and labradors need more calories than small breeds such as chihuahuas and yorkshire terriers. However, it is generally agreed that dog food should contain 50% meat and 50% vegetables and carbohydrates. Dog safe vegetables include peas, carrots, lentils, sweet potato, tomato, and others.

5. Offers a wide variety — Good dog food suppliers offer variety. They should have special formulations for small and big dogs, as well as for puppies and adults. Varied suppliers will even offer speciality choices for your dogs: dog food for diabetic animals, for obese animals, and elderly animals. They should also offer treat foods such as dog biscuits.

6. Ethical — Your dog food supplier should be cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

Dog food suppliers who provide natural, holistic ingredients and great variety are definitely something you should look forward to. Needless to say, high quality dog food should also be fairly affordable and fit your budget.

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